Provençal specialities

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Just reading that very title makes your mouth start to water and we don’t blame you!

Provençal specialities are full of all the delicious things we love. You can buy them at our campsite shop, at the market or in many of boutiques that sell local produce.

Olive oil: Here in Provence, we grow olives. It is practically a religion! We eat them for our ‘apéritif’ (pre-dinner appetiser), crushed in a ‘tapenade’ or simply as olive oil. There are several olive presses that you can visit where you can learn all about how this ‘liquid gold’ is made.


Truffe : In love with the ‘black diamond’? If so, you will be over the moon. Montagnac is the place to go for truffles. It is a 20-minute drive from the campsite. During the truffle season, you can visit the biggest truffle market in the region. It is in the town of Aups, a 40-minute drive away. Bertrand, amateur truffle-lover, can give you advice on the best truffle restaurants around these parts.


Rosé Wine : A true delicacy, produced 10km away from here. Serve it ‘on the rocks’ or straight from the cooler.


Les Herbes de Provence : These couldn’t be easier to find. They are everywhere. Take a walk in the hills and gather some thyme, or citrus thyme (with a lemony tang, great for fish dishes) and rosemary. Sophie will show you the best spots to go.


Lavander : Firstly, lavender is an aromatic essential oil. We mention this because not everyone knows about its domestic uses. Lavender essence, or its essential oil, possesses deodorising as well as disinfectant properties, so no other products are needed in the water when mopping your floor; a few drops of lavender will suffice. However, here is something that you may not know… you can make lavender-flavoured cream desserts such as crème brûlée, or a kir (white wine usually mixed with blackcurrant liqueur) with lavender sirop that you buy at the Quinson wine cooperative. If you don’t believe us, come and try one at the welcome meeting!


Goat Cheese : Yes, we are finally getting around to talking about it! Goat’s cheese is part of life here. You can find it in many of the usual forms, such as mild or mature, but have you heard of Banon cheese? It has AOP* status (*local, sustainable, state-certified food-producing area) that stretches from Banon to Quinson. It is left to mature in sweet chestnut leaves. A real delicacy!


Les Pieds Paquets : Yes, it’s true. Not everyone would agree, but you can’t get a more local dish than this! There are numerous sheep farms in the area (with one just up the road from the campsite). We love this dish! But what exactly is it? ‘Les paquets’ refers to mutton tripe and ‘les pieds’ are, let’s not beat around the bush, sheep’s trotters. They are mixed together and stewed in a tomato sauce with olive oil and Herbes de Provence. You guessed… nothing is wasted!