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Provence, this heavenly part of France where cicadas sing, olives turn golden, people enjoy lunchtime siestas under an oak tree and children play in the tepid waters of lakes and rivers. Since you have chosen to come on holiday here, please allow us to offer you some advice :

Take a trip to see the lavender fields in flower.

Nicknamed ‘blue gold’, lavender is emblematic of our region. From the end of June to mid-July, you can feast your eyes on the enchanting sight of lavender fields stretching as far as the eye can see, intermingled with olive groves and farmhouses across the Valensole Plateau and the lesser known Riez Plateau. To make the most of lavender the rest of the year, you could always buy some essential oil and take a little bit of Provence home with you.

Visit Provençal villages :

Provence is full of little villages built out of stone and surrounded by flowers. Some maybe perched on a hilltop whilst others are hidden from view by ancient fortifications. It is in the panoramic views of valleys and lakes and mazes of little streets that run between the ancient bricks and mortar of ancestral houses that you will truly discover the heart and soul of Provence and its inhabitants.

Provençal specialities

There is so much to say on this subject that we have dedicated a whole page to it! But, the main thing to know is that they are nothing short of delicious.


Provence is teeming with local producers. At markets here, the air is filled with so many delicious aromas and there is always an abundance of products for you to sample, much to the delight and pride of the locals. Riez Market is one of the best near here, or on an even grander scale, you can visit the one in Forcalquier which is well worth the hour’s drive it takes to get there.